Championship Field, Championship Technology

Designed to provide a ‘special atmosphere’ for the complex’s biggest games and tournaments, the Championship Field’s amenities now include a fixed multi-camera system with AI that offers live streaming for anyone, anywhere to see matches at Creve Coeur Park Soccer Complex.

SLYSA League Games

PARIC Game of the Week

How to Watch Games

Live & On Demand

How do I watch a live game?

Tournament games and SLYSA league games may be viewed on Spiideo Play. Visit the “View Available Games” pages for each event category and click or tap on the game you want to view. Then purchase the game. This will be viewable live as well as on demand for 30 days after the date of the game.

The PARIC Game of the Week is viewable for free on our CCP Soccer Complex YouTube channel as a sponsored game.

Can I view a past game on demand?

Yes. Games are able to viewed and re-viewed after the game is played. On Spiideo Play, any game you have purchased is available for viewing for 30 days after the game. If you did not purchase the game when it was live, you may still purchase the game after the fact by going to the “Played Games” tab. Games that were streamed on our YouTube channel will be posted as videos on our YouTube channel for re-viewing as well.

Downloadable game files are also available for purchase as well. Contact us here to arrange a download for your game.

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