Experience Creve Coeur Park
Soccer Complex

Turf & Grass Fields

Built for a supreme soccer experience, our 13 RamTurf fields and Bluemuda Super Pitch are perfect for competition.


Our facility was created for large crowds with the technology to back it up. From electricity to WIFI, we’ve got you covered.

Host of 2021 US Youth Midwest Regional Championships

US Youth Soccer has awarded the 2021 USYS Midwest Regional Championships to St. Louis at CCP.

Central Location:
St. Louis, MO

St. Louis’ central location within the Midwest makes it a convenient destination for athletes from across the country. Getting to, and navigating, St. Louis is straightforward with an international airport, five major interstates and light rail transportation available. The complex itself sits on the edge of beautiful Creve Coeur Lake.

Why Play at CCP?

  • Soccer-specific complex built for the ultimate competition experience
  • 13 synthetic turf fields, plus Bluemuda grass super pitch
  • Features a championship field with seating for 500

  • More than 1200 paved parking spots
  • Vendor market with WIFI and electric
  • Dedicated fiber for live streaming

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